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Janine Myung Ja's books overflow with vital information that adoptees and families (separated from adoption) need to know to defend themselves against a fierce in-demand market for children advertised as orphans throughout the decades. Her research serves as a  fantastic need-to-know public directive revealing how the origin of adoption began and why humanity got to where it is today on the topic. Janine's rare mind-blowing books add another dimension to the adoption genre and place human-rights on the forefront.

JANINE MYUNG JA has plowed through the painful research and gathered everything you need to know in a published collection of books designed to empower and strengthen you on human rights. She shares a private and personal philosophy intended to secure your natural-born rights to blood relatives -- if you so wish. Janine turns traditional training led by fallible profiteers upside-down.

Janine and her twin have been interviewed in Seattle and Seoul, and mentioned in several newspapers in the US and overseas. They are campaigners of Against Child Trafficking registered in the Netherlands, and cofounders of Adoption Truth & Transparency Worldwide Network, the largest adoptee-led group on Facebook known for an expanded view of the adoption practice. Members include people adopted and separated families typically ousted from the political discussion.


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YOU'RE INVITED: Find value in one of Janine's books? Janine is currently retiring from speaking about human rights. She is now seeking a rep to speak on the topic when she receives requests from media, universities, or other outlets. It is important to her to give adopted people opportunities to speak to oust the campaigning of adoption agencies. To qualify, must be adopted or separated from blood relatives in one way or another, and must find value in at least one of her books! 

Adoption Books by Janine Myung Ja
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